We took an overnight ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza. Our ferry was scheduled to arrive at six in the morning but luckily it got delayed for more than two hours, which gave us less time to kill before we checked in. We didn’t sleep much on the ferry so the first order of the day was to find a spot on the beach and take a nap. We dropped off our bags, very close to where we were staying, had a not so great breakfast and found a great spot to nap.

Another friend, Wadzi, flew in from Munich to party it up with us. The four of us took a drive to San Antonio to see the beautiful sunset. It was spectacular… It was so incredible that everyone gave Mother Nature a round of applause!

The next day was spent walking around the old town and meeting up with friends and family (Bla and Lolo).

We were really excited to see one of our own South African DJ’s, Black Coffee, have his first residency at the HïIbiza club, we had our tickets and everything ready. We even worked out a “how to stay awake till 5am” plan… we didn’t want any faders.

Black Coffee was incredible, he was on the decks for more than 5 hours and the entire place was on fire. We had backstage passes which made it so much more amazing. He is so talented, I know I’m sounding like a fan right now but he rocked that place from the first song until the lights came on. Black Coffee definitely made the Ibiza trip, true talent.


We also got tickets to see David Guetta at Ushuai. I’m a fan of the man but I was quiet disappointed by the show. He played for just two hours and half the set was average but at least he ended well. If I compare the David Guetta and Black Coffee sets, without a doubt Black Coffee brought the house down.


After these epic shows we were finished. We went to Nikki beach for afternoon drinks, had fun learning to salsa with the percussionist and enjoyed a great lunch.

On our last night, the three of us tried out Swag. It was a lot of fun.

We definitely stayed longer than we should have on the party island. Budgets were blown but it was fun. It was sad to see my friend go after an epic two weeks with her but it was time for a new country, and we said ciao to beautiful Spain.





3 thoughts on “Ibiza

  1. Wow! Ibiza looked like all kinds of fun! I know Wadzinai! From UCT.. we may have even been at Tugwell res together.. small world!


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