We wanted to go to Vis but due to the weird ferry schedule between Vis-Split-Hvar we settled on Hvar. We were also a bit tired of moving around and needed a base for a few days. We had no expectations about Hvar, everything we had read about it made it sound like some big party island where you never get any peace. We decided to take a chance and boy were were surprised, pleasantly so. The island is amazing, it might have also helped that we found a great place to stay halfway between the town and a great beach. Apartments Maja was great and the views from our balcony were stunning, where we had great meals with a perfect view.

Hvar was all about chilling, and it was hot so we didn’t want to overexert ourselves :-). We aimlessly wandered around the old town, which was amazing!

We walked up to the hilltop fortress. Hvar is beautiful and you need to take a minute at the top of the hill to soak it all in, stunning views.

Then we cruised around the island on a scooter on the one day. We found great beaches, we even found a few nude beaches along the way. Beautiful scenery.

The guy we rented the scooter from recommended we take an old route back to the main town. It was a hair raising ride. The route was basically us going up a mountain on a narrow road with no chance of survival should anything go wrong, I’m scared of heights hence the nerves. It was a beautiful and nerve wrecking ride back. Worth doing if you ever find yourself in Hvar.

Big highlight… We hired a small motor boat and went around the Hvar islands. The day was fantastic. We got to see amazing yachts. We found a great quiet spot and spend most of the afternoon there, where we swam and snorkelled. The sea was crystal clear. This was a day very well spent. One tip is to ride a bit further away from the first 3 swimming spots if you want some quiet time.

I got stung by a sea urchin on our last afternoon in Hvar. I used vinegar on it and that helped get some of the spikes out.



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