Our Greek experience started in Athens. After pristine Tokyo, we were disappointed by the state the city was in… the hard times are definitely evident. We found a cozy apartment a short bus ride from the city centre. Our host was great; she gave us tips on things to do, where to eat with the locals and areas to see.

To get better acquainted with the city we went on a free walking tour. The tour was very informative and our guide gave us lots of great places to eat at in the Plaka area, and highly recommended we try out Monastiraki area for a great local vibe.

We went up the Acropolis Hill but didn’t enter because the entry fee was way out of our budget, but we managed to get amazing views of the city.

We went up Philopappos hill, another great spot to see the amazing city.

The last hill to conquer was Mount Lycabettus, this highest and toughest of the three. It is also a great spot for sundowners.

The Olympic stadium was another highlight of the city.

The rest of the time was spent wandering around and enjoying the food.

Our next stop was the island of Crete. We stayed in a small beach town called Bali, yep we were missing Indonesia too much. The people were friendly in Bali, but the weather wasn’t great the day we arrived, and it only got worse for the next few days.

It was raining and cold so we hired a car and went chasing the sun. We eventually found it in Matala, a small beach on the opposite side of the island (big island) and which has some interesting rock facades.

We also went diving in Chania with Omega diving. The dive was cool, different from Asia but alright. The water was obviously way colder, and there was far less sea life, but still loads of fun. The weather came to it’s senses and we had really good weather on our last 2 days.

Our highlights in Bali were:

  • The Shisha bar. The barman offered us raki (a homemade spirit), which tastes like tequila but smoother, and rakomelo (raki with honey and spice). My favourite was the rakomelo. I like the sweetness in it, it tasted a bit like caramel vodka. We had great Shisha at a reasonable price.
  • We had great dinner at Psaropoula Taverna. Very hearty meals at a good price.








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