We left Calle a Ansobell very early in the morning to make it to the airport on time. There was a lot of mist on the drive back, felt like we were driving in a cloud. It was beautiful. We managed to pull off the surprise… she really didn’t see it coming :-).


We had a fun time in Barcelona, it is a really colourful city. It was very very hot for June, we especially felt the burn on the day we decided to go on two walking tours back to back. By the time the second tour started we were ready to call it a day. Barcelona is one of those cities you can get lost in, there is so much to do, drink, see and eat.

Our highlights:

  • spending a great week with Minah
  • lunch at La Boqueria market. We had amazing prawns at Bar Boqueria and the most delicious sangria
  • very informative walking tours. The first tour was the Gaudi walking tour with Runner Bean Tours. Our tour guide was an Australian who fell in love with the city. He was a great guide.

The second walking tour was the gothic quarter tour with Free Walking tours Spain, but by the afternoon everyone was tired. Still, the tour was interesting.

  • Tapas, wine and beach time…
  • We did an early morning trip to park Güell, which was fantastic.
  • Catching the best views of Barcelona at the “bunker” with friends living in Barcelona. The “bunker” is at the top of Parc del Guinardó, where you get 360º views of the city, free of charge, as well as lots of tourists. We had a great evening of sundowners there.
  • Wondering around this amazing city was an absolute treat. It is really incredible and well organised.

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