Another road trip in Spain

After almost 6 months of travelling, I was starting to miss home (friends and family) a lot more and chatting to my granddad makes it worse. The excitement in his voice when we spoke tore at my heart. I don’t normally get homesick so this was new for me; thinking of all the birthdays I was missing and the spontaneous outings. Given how I was feeling I was excited about Minah’s (a very good friend) trip to Barcelona in a few days and seeing my cousin Bla and her fiancé, Lehlohonolo, in Ibiza a week later.

Andrew and I had planned this big surprise for Minah; we wanted to meet her at the arrivals area with a sign saying “Welcome Minah” or something like that. For the plan to work we needed to be at the airport early to catch her when she arrived, meaning we needed to be in Barcelona a day or two before she arrived so we didn’t risk flight delays and all sorts of other things that could go wrong. So we decided to get to Barcelona a few days early. We didn’t want to stay in the city because the three of us would be spending a week in the city. We wanted somewhere serene and quiet where the only sound would be the sound of birds chirping. We found a place in Calle a Ansobell, hired a car in Barcelona and hit the road. The accommodation we found was very secluded. The closest shop was 20km away so we stocked up before arriving.

The drive was great, driving on the other side of the road is always fun :-). It was very scenic and a big change. We went from chilling on the beach all the time to amazing mountain ranges all in one day.

The countryside was absolutely beautiful. We didn’t do much.. we just took it all in and relaxed. The accommodation had a piano, a real treat for Andrew because he had been missing his piano. We all have different definitions of being homesick :-). The two nights spent in the middle of nowhere felt to us like a holiday, being one with nature. I believe that sounds strange given but the road trip and being in the middle of nowhere felt a lot like we were on vacation.



3 thoughts on “Another road trip in Spain

  1. Ahhh it’s beautiful…. I always think of Spain as only Ibiza and Barcelona… So lovely. The air looks so crisp and fresh nje.


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